Fairhorns – Fuckup Rush Review

FairhornsWith the sensibilities of clockwork education and the emotion of music this is an interesting and exhilarating deluge of coordinated mania called Fuckup Rush by Fairhorns. It is the second Fairhorns album from creative genius Matt Loveridge, and it is a really good listen too. However shallow production values make it sound like a dense musical fog, that begins in a flash and ends with a surge of buoyant articulation that is a damage report on societal principles, written in electro punk. An entirely raw and wonderful experience regardless, Fuckup Rush is where dubbing Throbbing Gristle with Alien Sex Fiend will take you.

There is a good sense of storytelling on this album. The inflection from the synthesized voices softly emulate simple waves into complex effects and these bridge artificial foundries away from typification and manifest them into an aria of doom, all the while Matts’ choral phantoms vigorously spook and expose the allure of repetitive generic music. Although melodiously indulgent Fuckup Rush is definitely on the darker side of the Art-ism Spectrum, and Synesthetics might want to wear some kind of filter for the brilliant timbres that simmer masterfully through the miasma of Loveridge mental exposure.

Uneasy listening that is fanciful and original, and yet sick by default, Fairhorns’ Fuckup Rush is probably the most rational and unpretentious score since Britain institutionalized talent, sounding more like worried barracks than an asylum, Fuckup Rush is uncommon muck waiting to seize the listener into a world of misconceived perceptions.


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