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In the first of a new feature called ‘Singled Out’, we speak to London rockers Fairfield about their second single and video for the track ‘Pale Treasure’, which is released on December 3rd. The song definitely carries on the excellent sound of first single ‘Earthquake’. It’s a great, rockin’ indie/pop/rock track and really sticks with you after just one listen, this band really are all about the song, and there is some excellent songwriting displayed here with ‘Pale Treasure’.

We spoke to Bassist Mike and singer Jorja, The band are completed by Nick on Guitar and Sam On drums, to tell us all about the song.

Mike –  Musically we wanted to approach this song from a different perspective than usual.

Up until the point we wrote ‘Pale Treasure’ we had a lot of slow songs with intros and verses that built up. As a reaction to this (and our first single, ‘Earthquake’) we wanted a song that had no intro and came straight in with a “wall of sound”. The verses have a lot of energy and are quite heavy so to counteract them we dropped it right down for the choruses.

Some of my favourite songs have really subtle/short choruses and it was something we had never really tried until this band. The middle 8 is an extension of the chorus really. I like to think of it as the chorus’ “pretty sister” because it uses the same chords and vibe but just slightly rhythmically twisted with nice sounding harmonics over the top.

It randomly ends on the heavy verse because we wanted to throw in a few more unexpected aspects to the song.

 Jorja –  As far as the lyrics are concerned the song is about a person who has lost it all or so they think, someone who has spent their life building something or shaping someone/something into the product they wanted, someone who spent all their time on this and nothing else and pushed everything that was really important aside.

Then what they had fell down and that person was left with nothing. Its about sending out a message to turn right around and remember the things in your life that are truly important.

The track is released on Monday December 3rd on the bands youtube channel (link below), so make sure you head over then and check it out.

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