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face the ocean chase the sun

Face The Ocean have recently released their new single Chase The Sun. We caught up with them to find out more about the track – get involved below!

So you recently released your new single Chase The Sun – what’s the response been like for it so far?
So far the response has been great! We have been quiet for a while now and it’s good to see people still want to hear more from Face The Ocean!

What’s the story behind the song?
The story behind the song is nothing out of the ordinary but something I feel people can relate to, it’s about ambition and fighting to achieve the things you want from life, things always happen that will be a bump in the road and finding the strength to keep pushing on to your goal no matter what! Something we have had to apply to ourselves over the past 18 months!

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
We always keep the start of writing our music very casual, so whenever we feel like it we will drop a 30 second song snippet down, something that just comes to us randomly, we hold onto every single one and filter out the ones that get us excited, we then develop them into full songs, those songs then end up taking us along with them, this is exactly how Chase The Sun came about.

Would you say Chase The Sun is representative of what fans can expect from your next release, or is it more of a standalone piece?
It’s a standalone piece but it’s a taster of what they can expect from us really, we have such diverse ideas in our demos that any collection of music on an EP or album will be focused on stand alone pieces. This is something we are actively pursuing as our last release Deliverance was very much a collection piece, the album worked as a whole.

You also released a video for the track too – what’s the story behind the video?
Truthfully the video is a very basic visual accompaniment to the song, we didn’t want a storyboard to influence peoples impression of what the song is about, coupled with a long absence we felt it was best to visually capture the band doing what we love to do and perform.

Are there any interesting anecdotes or stories from filming?
Almost getting set on fire has to be one I’m sure! We went with some pyro choices during the performance video, sparks to be precise and a few of them caught Andrew which could of set off but we had a water bucket on standby so it was never doing to be a total disaster!

And finally what’s in store for the band for the rest of the year?
More music, more videos, more shows, more Face The Ocean!

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