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Eyes Of MaraFollowing the release of their debut EP Akkadia last year, hardcore outfit Eyes Of Mara are back with their self-titled full length but unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired.

It just feels like Eyes Of Mara are projecting noise at you with no real structure or organisation, and it makes everything rather grating to listen to. Whilst it can be argued that hardcore is all about chaos, especially in a live environment, it’s all a bit too much and doesn’t work well for Eyes Of Mara with this particular release. There’s a lot of energy and power behind everything, which is definitely a good thing, but rather than it being punchy and succinct, it’s disorganised and a little overwhelming.

It’s a shame because the band could be really good. The melodic moments Colder work well, for example – the clean vocals feel like a breath of fresh air and shows the band are capable of more than simply making a bit of a racket.

However as a whole, Eyes Of Mara just isn’t the best of releases out there. I have no doubt that this is a band that is an absolute force to be reckoned with live, but on CD they don’t quite cut it this time round.


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