Exquisite Ending – The Rite Of Misanthropism Psalms: I to IV Review

Exquisite EndingWith all the tedium of black metal tropes, Exquisite Ending’s The Rite Of Misanthropism Psalms: I to IV subjugated cultism into a pseudo ‘A Dangerous Book For Boys’ that wails lyrically in a sadomasochists wet dream. A neurosurgical biopsy purportedly tainted in “depressive self loathing anger,” Exquisite Ending do not approach the desolation in their identity that Ildjarn or even of Sarcofago ingloriously spew.

Black metal has had over twenty years to define itself; with some bands moving out of the norm in search of influences to experiment with. Exquisite Ending has stood the grounds of the founding principles of the genre and overcome the extreme by splicing all the best bits so far to deliver a round-up of black metal, as a sterling operation. Woof!

Bereft of the passion from unadulterated hatred and substituted by a sheepish ulterior agenda the vocals sound twee making this sound like a too cute black metal campaign instead of a trip into the derelict abyss of human spirits. Insinuating that it is suited particular to the BM scene as complimentary onus, the paraphernalia is not just a gimmick but an attempt to make conceited pseudo alternative art.

Poncy ideology aside, it is an utter treat to listen to. The production is concise and riffs arp away fancily like a rabid Poogle at a garden party: absolutely raw mixed in with shoegazing Bless Yous” from the local clergy person, and with Nidingr tendencies (for the uninitiated.)

Idem Eadem. Idem Vetus. If you have expectations associated with the sound of true cult black metal The Rite Of Misanthropism Psalms: I to IV meets all of the above.


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