Exoskelett – Collected Bones Review

Hailing from Stockholm, the prestigious capital city of Sweden and the prefix for a very worrying syndrome, Exoskelett combine two old EP’s onto this new album like it was fated. With emphasis on the ugly side of things [is there any other – Ed] this repugnant and retroactive album isn’t without highlights and some forward momentum.

Aptly titled Collected Bones, it sounds exactly like five guys playing music inspired by music from twenty years ago, but with a twist, because they’ve also been listening to other recent bands who had also been inspired by those old songs but they weren’t doing it right so these guys stepped up to sort it out. It’s daytime talk show material but these guys aren’t stupid and are at least having fun by the sounds of it, which isn’t just good, it’s great.

When Exoskelett go at it they really go at it, but when they aimlessly riff they float in a sea of immemorable cadence. Collected Bones isn’t without irreverence but when it’s lit it’s on fire. Even in mediocrity it stands above many contemporary recordings just because of its photographic production. A photograph taken on film and without a DPI in sight. It’s true, it’s authentic, organic, and by Fuck has it got some freaky red eye.

Exoskelett brave their face and wear their hearts on their sleeves to re-calibrate the 90’s black metal sound. Taking all the elements that went in to creating the iconic sound, involving abhorrent rites between thrash metal, punk music and a wizards sleeve. Redoing it in their own way both the album and the memory of black metal are better for it. Without engorging the mix to mainstream values or over complicating riffs these five guys from Sweden are making love in the handicapped toilet. It’s dark and it’s nasty but you know it’s a moment that’ll stay with you forever.


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