Ewigkeit – Cosmic Man Review

For what is a stellar album it’s heart wrenching to think that this release will be overlooked and underappreciated. For no other reason than metal not being considered an art form but a means to an end. Mr. Fogs’ rekindled solo project Ewigkeit, although a metal album, has substance. A scary concept for any sponsor of a commercial project and an intimidating prospect for all competitors.

Cosmic Man is the seventh album from Englands’ Ewigkeit (it’s German for Eternity and a reference to the reign of Elizabeth II.) It is, for want of a better term, a modern day classic. Riffing with the raw intensity and passion of a true artist. While beautifying silence with a sharp wit and an unfortunately dull tone.

Utilizing a dynamic cast of sounds that take close inspiration from the 60’s psychedelic rock movement and then some. Where the Hammond organ drives chord structures like a HGV, orchestral approximations flutter and whistle like ephemeral beasts and space age pads float higher than the wings of nature ordain. In experimenting with sounds it becomes reminiscent of when black metal wasn’t just a sparkly phenotype of Thrash metal.

The voice of the guitar is the voice of reason amidst the sweet cacophony of synths and rhythms. Moving the melodic dysphoria within the volatile architecture of a real heavy metal album that harnessed the empowering principle laid out in the 80’s. While adding a heady dose of realism to an otherwise unworldly experience told emphatically with Mr. Fogs’ gripping vocals. Cosmic Man is beyond metal and gladly Ewigkeit are diligently pushing ahead with intuitive design.


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