Evoss – A Sense Of Time Review

A Sense Of Time is the first offering from Liverpudlian rock band Evoss. Although the EP is quite a “safe” release, not straying too far from the norm, it manages to hit all the right spots and makes for a very enjoyable listen.

The EP opens with Slaves To The Puppeteer. Arguably the strongest track on the EP, it has a massive chorus simply begging to be sung along to and is a song that can effortlessly get stuck in your head before you even know it. The vocals are particularly strong and powerful on this one and if you’re going to check out one track from the EP, make sure it’s this one.

Third track Taken takes a slightly softer tone before kicking it up a notch by the time the chorus kicks in. It’s a nice touch, contrasting the two sections nicely. This is more of a grower, but it all fits together nicely before leading into the closing track Not Too Late. Whilst not the best track on the EP, its placement at the end works well because the slower tempo of it helps to bring the EP to its triumphant end.

All in all, A Sense Of Time is a great little release, but don’t go in expecting any surprises. It does what it says on the tin: it’s just four tracks of honest-sounding and extremely catchy rock music. The band have recently made the EP available for free download on their bandcamp page as well, so what are you waiting for?


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