Evil Blizzard – The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard Review

Evil Blizzard The DangersWe do like bands consisting of just drummers and bassists here at Soundscape, so when Evil Blizzard, a band consisting of four bassists and a singing drummer, was brought to our attention, we naturally had to check them out.

The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard is their debut album and if it’s a sign of things to come, the future is looking bright for Evil Blizzard. Eight tracks (plus an intro) of sheer tuneage, if you like your music original and unique then you can do no wrong with this band.

Clones is a high point, beginning with a wonderfully groovy bassline before the vocals kick in. With a repeating line of we all look the same, followed by slight variations of the same thing, it seems a little ironic but it actually works incredibly well in driving the subject matter of the track home, which is great. Plus, it means the track is destined to get stuck in your head, which is never a bad thing.

One of the best things about this album is that there’s a lot of variety. Evil Blizzard don’t just stick to one formula and aren’t afraid to explore many different ideas – with some tracks leaning heavily on the abstract side, others taking a more melodic route and others following a more ‘standard’ format. It’s good and helps to keep the album refreshing, even if 19-minute closer Whalebomb is a bit more of a difficult listen!

Good stuff from this unique and engaging band.


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