Evil Blizzard – Everybody Come To Church Review

evil blizzard everybody come to churchEvil Blizzard are back with their new album Everybody Come To Church and it picks off immediately where their last full-length offering The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard left off. Noisy and chaotic, this is what Evil Blizzard does best and it once again proves that you don’t need guitars to create a dirty and heavy rock album!

At times there is a lack of coherence to the music. This could possibly be down to the fact that the album was recorded over the space of one day with only four out of the eight songs written as they entered the studio, but there are occasions where things seem haphazardly strewn together rather than constructed in a more meaningful way, but it could also be argued that this is what Evil Blizzard were aiming for with this album – after all, this is a band that thrives on chaos and spontaneity, but it does feel like the album would be more impactful and would have a bigger kick to it if a bit more time had gone into planning it.

Nevertheless, if you loved their previous album then chances are you’re going to love this one too as it contains much of the same sort of things as The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard – and you can be sure that this will go down an absolute storm in a live environment.


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