Everything On Red – Satellites Review

Fancy a game of roulette? Trust me, put everything on red and I’ll tell you why; prepare to discover your new favourite punk band.

Formed in Stoke/Stafford/Manchester in 2007, and having already released numerous EP’s/albums, be it a self-funded project or part of the LockJaw Records roster, EOR have done more than enough to establish themselves as one of the finest, hard working ethical bands from the UK to embrace the punk scene in a long, long time.

“Satellites”, the brand new album, takes all of that experience and crams it into ten tracks of well crafted punk rock, capable of putting even the likes of NOFX to shame, “Quoth The Raven” setting the standard. Sounding at first like it could potentially be the intro to a more metal-based song, this opening track soon settles into the bounce-along cheerfulness that we all familiarize with when it comes to punk rock. A few hints at Ska here and there, coupled with a full-on catchy-as-hell chorus, it makes sure it well and truly grabs your attention.

Title track “Satellites” slows things down a little but loses no appeal. Members Alex James, James Rathmell and Thomas Brown allowed to showcase their abilities as musicians and vocalists, breeze through the track like they could do it in their sleep, and to be honest they probably could. Nothing derogatory in that statement either, there’s a difference between lazy uninspired music and being a tight accomplished band. EOR are the latter.

“We Belong This Way” at over 4 minutes long isn’t a traditional punk number, and in places actually sounds more like TOOL, albeit not as technical, but still manages to command your attention. It’s good to see the band not restricting themselves within a genre’s limits and expectations.

“Holiday Of A Lifetime” picks things right back up with high tempo playing, gang vocals and plenty of angst, bursting with energy, a highlight of the album, as is “A Line In The Sand”. Not AS intense but no less enjoyable.

If you’re a fan of punk rock as it is, you will definitely enjoy this album, if you’re more of a dabbler, check these guys out as you’ll more than likely find yourself enjoying it…if you are new to punk rock, then look no further. Everything On Red are a fantastic way of getting acquainted with the style. “Satellites” is a must listen of 2013. Taking bets now…my money is on red.


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