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Drive is the upcoming new single from Evenu and it’s a tremendous little listen. It’s a very melodic and catchy number that seems destined to worm its way into your head after one listen alone, which definitely makes it a good choice of single for the band. The vocals are powerful and clear, adding a lot to the instrumentation, and there’s a nice little hint of heaviness lurking underneath the big melodies. If this is what we can expect from Evenu’s upcoming EP, then we’re all going to be in for a treat.

We also caught up with the band to get a closer insight into the track. Here’s what happened…

You’re currently getting ready to release your new single Drive. What’s the story behind it?
A common theme surrounding the EP is the idea of living life differently in light of mistakes of the past. The story of Drive is living with the bitter sweet reality and guilt that your estranged, once close-ones, can’t share your journey anymore. It also raises the question that if such mistakes weren’t made, where would we be now?

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
Like a lot of songs, the idea first came about on an acoustic guitar but it was originally started around late 2013. We write a lot of music and sometimes those ideas aren’t completed until long after their inception. The recording process was a bit convoluted.

Suffice to say it was 1/3rd at home, and 2/3rds in a studio. Tracking at home gave us the luxury of time and more room to experiment with different parts.

What made you choose this track as a single?
It’s the track that hits you in the face and gets going the quickest. There’s no intro and it kicks straight into the verse. It was also the first track we finished for the record so it felt right to get it our first.

What has the response been like for it so far?
Great, we’ve been really fortunate enough to have a lot of the rock press behind us on this single and we’ve seen the track reach places we’d never have been able to reach ourselves. The fans have responded really well and that’s great, because we’re stepping it up once again on the next single.

Would you say this track is representative for what fans can expect from your upcoming EP, Liaison?
We have a really diverse EP to show everyone ranging from more pop rock, to hard rock, to riffy/ambient rock. Each song stands on its own and it was really difficult to pick the single. The EP definitely has a continuous theme, but Drive is only a small insight to the rest of the record.

And what’s in store for Evenu in 2016?
We’ve been demoing for the our debut album for a lot of 2015 and we’ll continue to do so in 2016. We’ll definitely be looking to release some music besides the E.P in some capacity in 2016. We’ll be heading out on tour early in the year and hitting the festival circuit pretty hard in the summer, with a view to play some even bigger festivals and stages.

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