Event Relentless – Cold Black November Review

event relentless cold black novemberCold Black November is the debut EP from Finnish metal outfit Event Relentless and it shows a lot of promise from the up and coming three-piece.

Whilst the EP takes a very standard approach for the most part, with Event Relentless perhaps sticking to what they know best rather than stepping outside the box and being adventurous, Cold Black November is still a great listen, with each song flowing well from one to the next. You can really feel the passion and momentum oozing out of the music, which is really nice to witness, and it’s clear that Event Relentless have given it their all with this release.

A particularly good element about Cold Black November is the vocals, which have a great deal of versatility to them. They’re very controlled with a lot of power behind them, which is especially evident on the hard-hitting fourth track Clarify and on the opener Duality, which features a half-growled, half-spoken approach on a few occasions.

There’s only one real problem, and it’s that the keyboard line is a bit overwhelming at times. It feels like the band have tried hard to ensure the songs have a bit of melody to them as well as aggression, but it’s just too much and at times it does take a bit away from the music – it would work better if they were utilised as more of a background instrument rather than constantly being at the same level as everything else.

As a whole, the EP is a good listen and is certainly a fine starting point for the band – Event Relentless is a band you need to keep your eye on because there’s a great deal of potential in Cold Black November.


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