Eternal (of Sweden) – Heaven’s Gate Review

eternal of sweden heavens gateSwedens’ Eternal beckon the call and knell with the great demons of power metal with their second chapter, that is this time pursuing the locks of Heaven’s Gate. It’s darkly romantic with a liberal blackness that overtly lays claim to destiny itself.

Loosely a concept album Heaven’s Gate gives the spirit of glam metal a deeper shade of devilment to sing and chant along with. The melodies are inspiring enough to warrant a touch of air guitar in harmony to their stride, while the riffs themselves are catchy to the point where making noise along side seems like second nature and the song writing is devilishly compelling, spinning tunes wildly and dignified through the heights built up from the opening track.

Urges notwithstanding the rhythmic chords blend gracefully with the formidable melodies often asserting dominion over the counter-melodic licks that add a degree of impulsiveness to the overall story of the songs. Adding to that feeling are the countless solos that lead off to crescendo.

Throughout the climbing air gravitas makes the emotions of Heaven’s Gate give over to a sense of free falling. The keyboards sound great bedding the prominent guitar themes. Effectively subduing the raucous licks with tenebre.

Although it’s an accomplished album Heaven’s Gate may not have the best production, but its homely values can still cause an impetuous reaction. It’s dark sound is exciting and the songs themes are defined with asinine vigor, but you know what? Air guitar is only stupid if you don’t know how to play it.


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