Essence – Smoke And Mirrors Review

Artwork Essence Smoke And MirrorsSmoke And Mirrors is the brand new EP from Belgian progressive metalcore outfit Essence. With regards to the genre, it doesn’t really tread any new ground as such, but for what it is, it’s a mighty little listen.

The EP packs a punch right from the get-go, with the feisty Submerged setting an energetic and to-the-point atmosphere that remains in place throughout, and you can really hear the band giving it their absolute all as Smoke And Mirrors progresses from song to song – you barely have any time to catch your breath before they launch into the next meaty offering!

However, it does have to be said that the lack of variety between the tracks doesn’t really do Essence any favours, especially since they aren’t really doing anything new musically. The songs are good, there’s no doubting that, but it would be better if they’d mixed things up a little more rather than playing it safe.

All that aside, the sheer power behind Smoke And Mirrors is something to behold and Essence sounds so tight and together that it’s difficult to fault them as musicians, which most definitely works in their favour, so with a few refinements to their song structures, Essence could well be a band to take the metal scene by storm.


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