Eskimo Callboy – The Scene Review

Since discovering this awesome band at last year’s Impericon Festival and really enjoying their back catalogue afterwards (whilst I mainly listen to doom and black metal, I have a massive love of electronic-inflused metal as well), I’ve been eagerly awaiting new material from this seriously awesome band. The Scene is the band’s fourth album and it’s another tremendous piece from them.

Opening track Back In The Bizz immediately gets things moving with a powerful introduction and in-your-face instrumentation throughout, and following number MC Thunder features a chorus so catchy you can’t help but want to sing along to it. It will get stuck in your head – it’s just one of those melodies!

Indeed, there’s a fair few serious earworms on the album – Eskimo Callboy know how to write music to get stuck in your head and they have absolutely achieved it with The Scene. Each of the thirteen tracks are bangers, showing a very consistent release – which is especially impressive given that there’s so many tracks featuring on it! It’s hit after hit, and you’ll be banging your head and singing along to every one!

All in all, a top-notch album from Eskimo Callboy. They have really delivered with The Scene – stick it on loud and enjoy it!


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