Escape The Fate – Electric Ballroom, London 30/10/14

Escape The Fate UK TourNew Years Day (7/10) are a band full of energy, and they interact with everyone really well, from the crowd to the photographers. Vocalist Ash knows how to work a stage and gives off a subtly sexy aura. The whole band moved around the stage well, head-banging and waving to the crowd, all while playing skilfully. The band had the crowd clapping and jumping at their command and really got them warmed up for the following bands, however the crowd didn’t move without being asked to.

Glamour Of The Kill (7/10) got a better audience response then the previous band. The crowd jumped, moshed, sung and fist pumped as the band rocked the stage. Executing their breakdowns effortlessly, having fun and playing impeccably well it’s no surprise the crowd did their bidding. All members of the band looked to be having fun and you could clearly see it in the smiles on their faces. It’s always great seeing a band truly love what they do, and it can really make a show.

Escape The Fate (9/10) have had more member changes than any band of their genre, but it doesn’t stop them putting the energy of a fresh faced band new on the scene. With impeccable instrumental, powerful screams, heavenly vocals and a lively crowd, it’s easy to see why Escape The Fate are renowned for their live shows. They spiced up their set by inviting onstage members of New Years Day during two of their songs, which was a real crowd pleaser. They amused the crowd during songs and between them with their sexual humour, making puns about song titles. The band put ridiculous amounts of energy into the set and the crowd retuned it. An incredible live band, you should definitely go and see them if you can.

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