Equilibrium – Armageddon Review

Equilibrium - Armageddon - ArtworkEquilibrium are back with album number five but sadly, it lacks the spark that their previous releases had. Armageddon certainly isn’t bad, but it’s just not all that adventurous and it’s just not an album that will hold your attention from start to finish.

There’s not a great deal of variety to the songs for the most part, and it’s difficult to connect with the majority of them as there’s no sections that are massively memorable, so it’s all too easy to find your interest waning as the album progresses. The music isn’t dreadful, of course, but it just feels average when you compare it to their more engaging earlier releases.

However, later track Helden does breathe some much-needed fresh air into Armageddon. It starts out as a fairly typical song, but it’s definitely worth sticking with, as in the latter half the band utilise an 8-bit line in the song and there’s something about it that just works! The simplicity of the melody fits well with the song and adds some great variety to the album.

As a whole, Armageddon just feels like it falls a bit flat. Equilibrium can and have done better than this.


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