Entropia – Ufonaut Review

entropia ufonautUfonaut is the second album from Poland’s resident space beasts Entropia, and it is a visceral amalgam of progressive rhythms and delightful harmonies, and there’s more! Structural amenities hidden behind this album create a dynamic and entertaining foray into the unknown and where all these components bleed together they make a climactic sonic assault.

A frightfully decadent rage harbors the power that moves like a strong tide on a blood moon. As guitars pass over the aural shores with a ghost-like chill riding the currents on a dark and gloomy night, their catatonic hum glistens frost-like on a dank pier of music while their percussive counterpart oscillates with fervent modulation, breaking stones with time on a healthy beach that’s clamoring with nocturnal delicacy.

It’s not the most accessible sound for this very articulate encounter, but maybe its occlusive positioning makes it all the more endearing to listen to. Within the details lies a very cohesive and yet disphoric symphony, a soulful trip on despair where allusions to grandeur are fraught with weird, almost alien, sounds that only upend the brutality hidden beneath the foreboding layers of wistful noise.

The fear that Entropia might abduct you and conduct experiments within your imagination that’s a valid reason to spin your orbit onto their second album. And where time abhors a paradox, a brilliant track with a vicissitude of style is present in Paradox. Ufonaut isn’t so much like missing time as it’s fucking killing it.


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