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Following the release of their new album Obliteration – our review of which can be read here – we caught up with Entrails’ founder and guitarist Jimmy for a chat. See what happened below!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a little about the band?
I am an old fart that loves the music and the style of death metal. And I am the guy that created this band in the early 90’s with some friends.

You recently released your new album Obliteration – can you tell me about the writing and recording process?
Yepp. It’s finally released. The process is very simple. I made all songs into a demo on my own and then let the others listen and give feedback; if there are adjustments to be made I’ll handle that. Then our phenomenal lyric guy Jocke write lyrics. After this we begin to rehearsal and after a while we record it.

Did you do anything different compared to your last album Raging Death?
Beside recording it all in one place instead of hire a studio for drum recording we haven’t done any major changes. We don’t want to do any changes. This is the shit we want to do and play.

Were there any songs that were more of a challenge to perfect?
Nope. All songs are so simple and easy to perform that there aren’t any challenge to handle.

Which song on there are you most proud of?
Everyone of them is equal good in my eyes. Cannot say a song is better than another. As a songwriter that’s a way it has to be told. If am not pleased with a song I don’t use it. And for this album I had to replace 2 songs because they didn’t fit into the album this time. Maybe next one.

Any interesting stories from the studio?
We work so fast so there aren’t time to memorise any particular moments in the studio. We recorded all drums in 4 hours and then the rest was done very fast as well. So I cannot say there was any interesting stuff to tell. I think we were so focused on the recordings so we couldn’t fool around and create stories.

You’re going to be playing two festivals in Germany in July – are there any other shows in the works?
We are doing a release show in our hometown 13th of June together with Nominon and some other acts. Then we will support Cannibal Corpse 2nd of August in Malmo.

What can fans expect from an Entrails live show?
Full speed from start with a lot of heavy groovy and major headbanging. The crowd usually gets satisfied with our show.

What would you say the best show you’ve ever played has been?
Maryland Death Fest was good. And the crowd was massive. Stonehenge in Holland was also a great one. Also small club gigs can be mention but I cannot remember the venues name etc, as they’re too many. They are more intense and we get a good connection to the wild crowd instead from an open air where the crowd is too far away.

Have there been any strange or weird ones?
Not really. I think its pretty normal ones. Drunk people. Headbanging people. Moshpit people etc. Pretty much normal I think.

And if Entrails could play anywhere in the world, on any line-up, what would you choose?
Tricky one. Though I would love to have this line up for a show. Dave Lombardo on drums, David Blomqvist on guitar, Cliff Burton on bass and I would say Dan Swano on vocals and of course myself on guitar. That line up would have been brutal. And we would be playing on every open air over the world.

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