Entombed A.D. – Back To The Front Review

Entombed ADIt feels like Back To The Front has been a long time in the making, however it can certainly be said that it is an album worth waiting for because it’s chock full of some absolutely excellent cuts. This is the first album to be released under the Entombed A.D. moniker and it sees the band on a true return to form with this excellent offering.

The album gets off to a blistering start with Kill To Live, which sets things up nicely with a good introduction with the pace slowly gains more and more momentum until you’re faced with this fantastically heavy track that’s a perfect indicator of what’s to come on the album.

However, it’s third track Pandemic Rage that really sets the bar high. Sometimes, you just know when a song is going to blow you away from the first few seconds and this is one such track. Although the introductory section is quite sparse and simplistic, it’s striking enough to send shivers down your spine – then the full band kicks in and the wall of noise instantaneously hits you like a tonne of bricks. The contrast is phenomenal and really works in Entombed A.D.’s favour as it leaves such a lasting impression on you. There’s even a stunning guitar solo in the latter half of the track.

Things progress well from there, and although the rest of the album doesn’t quite manage to hit the same sort of level as Pandemic Rage, there’s more than a few earworms contained within it and you can be assured that this is going to be an exceedingly well-received album in more than a few metal circles. Entombed A.D. have crafted something wonderful with Back To The Front.


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