Enthring – The Art Of Chaos Review

enthring the art of chaosThe Art Of Chaos is the latest offering from Finnish symphonic death metallers Enthring in the form of a three-track EP. It follows on very nicely from their previous effort, The Grim Tales Of The Elder and although the EP is admittedly a bit on the short side, it’s a nice little peek into what can perhaps be expected from their next full-length release.

Opener We Thrive On Chaos throws you into the release with no warning, beginning with an instrumental section that almost feels like you’ve joined it halfway through, but despite the blip at the start it’s an all-round great song. There is a fantastic amount of power behind the song, courtesy of the hammering drumline, and it has just the right amount of melody to achieve a good balance between the aggression and melody.

And We Dream Of Our Demise has more of an atmospheric introduction, setting the scene a little better than the previous track did, and the momentum slowly builds up as the track progresses into a fuller and more rounded sound. This song is a more melodically-driven number, with the instrumental lines taking centre stage rather than the vocals, and it’s a good approach to take – it mixes things up a little and ensures Enthing are keeping things fresh.

The Art Of Chaos comes to a close with The Second Venegance Orchestra, which is assumedly a follow-up to their track The Venegance Orchestra from their last album, but if you listen to the two one after the other, it doesn’t really feel like the two tracks go hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, naming confusion aside, this song is the perfect ending to The Art Of Chaos, as it’s a noisy and boisterous piece that ensures things go out with a bang.

As a whole, The Art Of Chaos is a small-but-mighty listen and shows that Enthring is still a band on top of their game. Great stuff once again from them!


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