Enea – Accept Me Review

Accept Me mixtape coverFrom Detroit, Michigan, comes Hip-Hop artist Enea with a thought provoking album titled Accept Me. Masterfully produced and well executed lyrically, Enea doesn’t shy away from serious political issues and emotional struggles.

Opening with the track titled Melody, featuring Liz Naylor, there is an immediate sense of history within the song. Taking cues from the likes of both PM Dawn and the Fugees, while adding a unique style, Enea successfully gives us a memorable track worth turning up loud.

The track titled Fall Back is venomous and lethal. Aimed straight at the heart of any hip-hop club, this song features everything from a NIN style beat to vocals mixed with DMX style aggression. The lyrical content is what you would expect out of this type of song, but that is what makes it a success.

Later on in the album we are treated to my favorite track titled Better. This is another lethal dose of hip-hop goodness. This is the track where everything comes together in the best way possible. The lyrics let off and spray everywhere, while the beat goes straight for the throat. To be honest, this is exactly what the album needed to lift off completely. The final real track titled Franco is beautifully produced and feels like a song you would find off a movie soundtrack, perhaps that is where the track is heading?

The album itself offers both diversity and a massive track list. Almost every song is produced by a different artist, and this is both a good thing and the Achilles heel of the album. It is important that an album has a similar tone running through it in order to hold the entire project together, and the problem with Accept Me is the ambitious nature of so many different musicians putting their fingers in the pie.

As a whole, the album Accept Me is a success in the hip-hop genre. It offers many tracks for you to absorb and many different styles to experience, the only real downside is that liking one song does not necessarily mean that you will like the rest.


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