End Of Green – Void Estate Review

Hmm. Well, to say that this is a fairly underwhelming album is somewhat of an understatement. End Of Green’s Void Estate is certainly not bad…but on the other hand, it isn’t exactly great either. This is just a fairly standard and uninspiring listen.

There’s nothing about Void Estate that necessarily jumps out at you. It’s alright to stick on as background music for a bit of company, but the songs don’t stick in your head. They just tend to merge into one, as there isn’t much variety on the album, so it’s difficult to remain focused from start to finish.

It’s not an inherently bad album. The vocals are good, the instrumentation is good, and it’s clear that End Of Green are skilled at what they do. It’s just the songwriting just needs a bit of work, because there’s nothing to leave an impact. It’s all a little tired and there’s no surprises to be found – it’s all been done before by other bands.

End Of Green could be good. The merging of Goth, doom and metal should work, bringing a nice edge of gloom to the piece, but ultimately Void Estate just leaves you with one question – “is that it?”


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