Empty Yard Experiment – Kallisti Review

EYE_CoverArt_KallistiSometimes it doesn’t take much to fully engage with an album and sometimes you have to work hard to uncover that special something nestled within. One release that certainly falls under the latter half of that statement is Kallisti, the new album from Empty Yard Experiment. Although there’s nothing really wrong with it performance-wise, it’s a largely difficult release to connect with and is quite a challenging listen.

One of the main problems is the amount of material featured on the album; at 14 tracks long (and finishing with a nine and a half minute behemoth!) it’s quite a substantial offering but it doesn’t feel like it flows from track to track. Instead, it feels more like the album consists of very seperate ideas and it’s almost like the band can’t quite make up their mind with what approach to take with it all.

There are some good songs on the album, such as the rather dark and mysterious Entropy and the somewhat atmospheric Anomie, but as a whole it does leave a lot to be desired. The band is talented, for sure, but as a whole Kallisti just feels like they’re wasting their true potential.


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