Empire Will Wait – Sinking Ships Review

Empire Will Wait are a post hardcore band starting out from Leeds whom have recently released their first EP. The collection of tracks is not an overall bad, nor strong attempt, but somewhere that falls in between.

The opening track Sinking Ships has a promising intro with a heavy riff and solid support from drums, although when the attempt of screaming starts, everything seems to become a bit of a mess. The supposed ‘hardcore’ vocals are weak and the clean vocals don’t seem to work with it all.

One of the better tracks is At The Gate (Of Truth) where the clean vocalist proves to be one of the stronger points of the band. The song is pretty boring, but the speech throughout the song shows thought and adds emotion, also the guitar and percussion work well together to create a stripped, acoustic feel.

As each tracks plays, the picture of a group of guys meeting in their garages every other day with a few beers and rocking about on some instruments does not grow any weaker. The group have potential with impressive instrumentals/intros and a set of pleasant vocals but they seem yet to find themselves as a band, and what kind of music/sound they’re about.


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