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1375925_10153299757720029_314696328_nWe first introduced you to London based singer songwriter Emma Harrop back in May this year, which you can read here. Since then Emma has been working hard playing loads of gigs and recording new material.

She has just released her new single Your Ocean, which you can download for free right here, and you really should, it’s a great song. Acoustic guitar and piano led, it really showcases Emma’s excellent voice and songwriting talent.

We took the time to ask Emma some questions about Your Ocean.

You have the new single Your Ocean just released, where was it recorded and with who? It was produced and recorded by Ed Cook at Harbour studios in Essex. I knew of the studio as I recorded there with my old band, it’s a great place with a relaxed atmosphere which is really important so I was excited to go back there to record my EP.

What’s the song about?  It’s a love song about stepping back from a situation that could be unpredictable or detrimental and creating distance in order to protect yourself. I think it’s one that could be open for interpretation I don’t like to sway peoples ideas too much as it’s interesting to find out how people can relate to your music in ways you don’t expect.

How and when did you write it?  It was written a few months ago on acoustic guitar when i was feeling inspired, it came together quite quickly and is probably my most ballade-esque track to date. I felt the song would benefit from a full production so I then added other instruments in the studio including cello, drums and piano so hearing it live is quite different from the record sort of like a stripped down version.

It’s part of an EP right? When will this be released? It is out now! It’s available for free download from my Bandcamp page. The EP should be ready by February If i’m thinking realistically as I still have another four tracks to record!

Will there be a video for the song?  I wanted to do something different than the typical singer-songwriter video with me strumming a guitar so I’m going to be making a stop motion animation video music video with a friend. It will be set in a dolls house with toy animals playing instruments that we have made out of whatever materials we can get our hands on, I know it sounds a bit bonkers but that is the plan!

Cool, I look forward to seeing that!  You’ve been playing lots of solo shows recently, hows it been going?  It’s hit and miss, it really depends on the crowd, sometimes you get people who are really into it which can actually be quite intimidating and other times you are playing over people chatting that aren’t interested. You just need to be in the right place to find people who are receptive to your style and not take anything personally.

What will the future hold for you?  Who knows, there are so many thing’s I would like to do, the more I learn about the industry the harder it seems to crack so for now I am concentrating on creating my own opportunities by building my fanbase and making the best music I can rather than chasing an ellusive record deal.

You can download Your Ocean for for free from here, and please check out Emma’s YouTube channel, which has lots of other great songs, and a few choice covers, including a rad version of Iron Maiden’s ‘Can I Play With Madness’, which you can check out below.

Emma Harrop – |Website|Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud|

Photo Credit – Richie Soans

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