Embracer – My Father’s Will Review

Embracer My Fathers WillEmbracer’s new album My Fathers Will is an incredibly emotional EP and the opening track sets huge expectations for the EP. A Man Without a Country is a slow song with some more up tempo bits throughout the song. The guitar opening riff is moving and it complements the vocals superbly. The vocals are moving and the lyrics are something a lot of people can relate to, making it an incredibly moving, serious song. The drums build up and to the feel of the song well and it adds that heavier aspect to the band.

My Sons My Brothers is a mainly instrumental piece that shows of the bands incredibly song writing ability and skill in their respective instruments. The opening riff to the song is so clear and perfectly executed. The guitarist is obviously incredibly talented. The drums in the songs are incredible and drummer has obviously thought about the song and tried to channel the emotion the piece stands for through the way he drums. It’s one of the best composed, entertaining pieces of instrumental I’ve ever heard, with some incredible musicianship and song writing ability.

My Fathers Will shows off the incredible vocal talent this band has. The vocals are lovely to listen to, and contain that rasp in the heavier aspects of the song to give it that heavier feel. The instrumentation is incredible and incredibly well put together. The band work well together and this is clear as they have written some impressive, moving, complex songs. The drums throughout the song are consistently strong and impressive as are the guitar riffs and the execution of their playing.

Overall it’s an incredible EP, with emotional pieces throughout; incredible vocals, impressive complex guitar riffs and strong powerful drum beats. However the band need to have some more exciting, upbeat songs, it would just add that diversity to the EP that shows off the band can write emotional, moving things and upbeat fun things.


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