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Eluveitie OriginsIt’s always exciting when a band as consistently good as Eluveitie puts out a brand new album and Origins, the outfit’s sixth offering, is everything you may expect from an album of theirs. Although it has to be said that it doesn’t contain any surprises and there’s a fair few similarities to prior releases, it’s an excellent album that more than proves that Eluveitie is a consistently good band.

There’s some real gems on the release and one such song is Celtos and although there’s a very strong Luxtos vibe to it – almost like it’s a direct continuation of the aforementioned song – it’s a definite highlight of Origins. The songs where Eluveitie combine the vocals of Chrigel and Anna are some of their strongest because the pair really feed off one another and the two different styles blend perfectly into one, and Celtos showcases Eluveitie at their best.

Another mighty track is Call Of The Mountains, which has already been released as a multi-lingual track (which can be checked out below). There’s a great atmosphere to it, coupled with a fantastic level of energy that comes to a head with the triumphant chorus that sounds set to become a live favourite for years to come.

On the one hand, it could be said that Eluveitie have played it very safe with Origins as it doesn’t really build on their previous releases, but on the other hand, they’ve clearly found a format that works for them and they do it to such a high standard that it leaves you wanting more and more. Now bring on the UK tour!


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