Electric Woodland – Potrero Review

Norwegian rockers Electric Woodland’s debut album Potrero has a classic rock style, similar to that of The Doors and The Black Keys.

The opening track of the album, Heavy Eyes, straight away brings in this classic rock sound, with the style of guitar playing, and of the vocals. It is a good song, with its grungey, classic sound, but it does get a little repetitive, as the same few riffs are repeated for the entirety of the song.

Later on in the album, the track Have You Seen My Baby is faster, and more upbeat, but manages to maintain the classic sound. It incorporates an impressive drum solo at one point, which mixes up what would have been another repetitive song without it. Another song from the album, Humbread, is very long – almost six minutes in total. It’s another high-tempo upbeat track during the chorus, but slower during the verses. This is one of their more interesting songs, with an intricate guitar solo, but around this, it is still repetitive.

The album ends with the acoustic track, Dog Without A Bone. It is one of the more interesting songs of the album, as it has a different sound to the others. It has a nice gentle instrumental, with soft vocals, and has a quite a relaxed feel to it. It’s really easy to listen to, as it is a nice soft track in comparison to the others.

Overall, the album maintains a classic-rock style sound, but most of the songs are quite repetitive and sound similar to each other. The album lacks variation as a whole and within individual songs, which is great if you like that sort of thing, but for anyone else, it becomes very dull to listen to.


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