Einherjer – Av Oss, For Oss Review

Einherjer Av Oss For OssAv oss, for oss is the latest offering from Einherjer, following on from 2013’s Nidstong and it’s an engaging listen that will really stick in your mind.

Einherjer have always been a consistent band, with each release of theirs being a formidable listen, and Av oss, for oss is no exception to this. There isn’t a single track on the album that strikes you as being bad or out-of-place, and it flows well from song to song.

Nidstong, which also featured on the aforementioned EP, is a definite highlight of the album. There’s a bit of a black metal feel to it in parts, courtesy of the style of playing from the guitars, and there’s just a great driving force behind the song as a result. The vocals are wonderfully evil and grim-sounding, almost, and gives the track an almost eerie air at times.

The title track is another strong inclusion. It gets off to a bit of a slow start before building things up, and it’s a great way to summarise the album; it’s a massive song that sounds like it could fill a stadium, thanks to the echoing vocals and big instrumental sections.

As a whole, Av oss, for oss is a pretty damn good album. It lacks that special ‘something’ to set it head and shoulders above the crowd, but it’s another great album from Einherjer and will definitely go down a storm in a live environment.


You can read our interview with Einherjer’s drummer Gerhard here.

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