Editor’s Note – January 2014

Hello guys and welcome to the first editor’s note of 2014!

What a busy one we’ve had already. One month past in an instant and a ton of news, interviews and reviews in the bag already. It’s been completely crazy and I’ve been almost permanently attached to my laptop, but it’s been an enjoyable one!

In amongst all the arranging of gigs, album reviews and interviews I’ve managed to get myself some review time this month and have had a listen to †††’s new debut full length. It’s an awesome one, check the review here.

We’re ale looking to run #throwbackthursday properly throughout 2014 and so far we’ve had a ton of content up the last few Thursday’s, but there’s plenty more where that came from trust me! You can check the first 2 instalments of our Rock 101 (every rock fans music must-listens). So far we’ve throwback to the 1960’s and the 1970’s! Keep your eyes peeled as we move further into the decades of the music industry.

We’re also still looking for a few staff at the magazine to cover various things. We’d love to get reviewers from all over the country as we get so many invites to gigs and we don’t have anyone able to travel to the areas, so there’s plenty of guest list spots up for grabs if you want to have a go at working for us. Plus we’re still apparently lacking in some residential reviewers for various genres. Check our hiring page.

Anyway, there’s plenty of content already lined up for February. So I best go make a start on what I can.

Keep it Soundscape!


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