Editor’s Letter – September 2013

Hi music lovers!

So 2 months into my new job and realising you totally have to grab the bull by the horns so to speak. Have expanded the team once more, you can check out all our staff members on the ‘About‘ page and I hope to shortly have up sections for each writer, so whether you’re a fan who wants to know more or a contact who wants the specific details, those will be your go to pages.


I also managed to get another review in this month and I gave this whopper a 10/10 review. I don’t give those out lightly, it takes a hell of a lot to be as amazing as this album is. You can check my review of the The First here. Also managed to get a couple others in too. The Younger review is

here and Falling with Style is here. Even though I’m busy with a lot of organisation and other stuff, I’m determined to keep my writing skills up and review something every couple of weeks minimum for you guys. I don’t want you all to think I’m just doing all the boring admin now. I also went to a Rocksmith 2014 (review is here) event this month where I met one of the most wonderful PR’s I’ve ever encountered. I can’t stress enough how impressed by the game I was and I’ve seen a lot of games over my lifetime having worked in Gamestation for many, many years previously.

This month has been a wonderful month for music it seems, whilst I was discovering my new favourite band, one of my old favourites; Avenged Sevenfold were rocketing up the charts and beating off all over competition and flying the rock flag when they made it to their first UK #1. So well done guys! Rock has been doing so well at that this year! 2013 is the new 1977!

The staff have also been busy heading out to shows just like all you music lovers to bring you the reviews and posting some beauts on instagram whilst they were at it. Follow us on instagram.

The month of ROCKtober will soon be upon us and we’ve got a heap of stuff coming your way!

Keep it Soundscape!


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