Editor’s Letter – October 2013

So whilst ROCKtober has been in full swing and we’ve been reviewing like crazy and gigging all across the country, we’ve also had a few issues that I feel I should discuss further.

Staff’s personal emails and twitter accounts are not for people to use to contact them and say some particularly nasty things. We’ve had a couple of issues this month with people being particularly horrid and I frankly find it immature and something that I would be willing to take further should such a thing continue.

If you don’t agree with a review, you don’t agree with a review and by all means you can tell the staff member, but you don’t just email them calling them a ton of names and hurling abuse because in law that’s called harassment. Journalism is all about constructive criticism and you can’t please everyone all the time, that’s pretty plain to see in any walk of life. Also if you’re a band and you’re not happy with receiving constructive criticism then you’re totally in the wrong industry! Don’t just get arsey with journalists, whether it be our publication or another; get back in the studio, take the comments on board and prove us wrong next time round. If your boss said you was doing something wrong at work would you send him a hate-filled email? No cause you’d lose your job and if you do the same to a journalist all you’re going to lose is your future coverage. Don’t do it, take the high road!

In terms of these emails. If the same people continue to harass my staff, I will look at taking this issue further and involving our legal department, because harassment in any form is not acceptable!

Anyway, sorry I had to start my letter this month with such a heavy topic, but you’d be surprised with the way some people have been, it’s just disgusting. But the team have pressed on for ROCKtober and we’ve been a busy bunch.

The world is set to be introduced to the new Jamie Lenman album and as a Reuben fan I frankly feel it’s about bloody time! The man’s talent was being wasted not doing what he should be doing and that is making music. I thoroughly enjoyed eating my words earlier this month too. First time I saw We Are Fiction, I wasn’t over enamoured, they weren’t bad, but they weren’t very good either. However, having seen them again earlier this month in the Camden Barfly, they totally proved me wrong. Whatever the problem had been first time round, it had been erased and that is how you prove a journalist wrong, directly and professionally. I will also be reviewing their album very soon.

Speaking of reviews this month, I also got to check out one of my favourite band’s AFI’s new album¬†Burials.¬†It’s amazing to think how long AFI have been going and yet how amazing they still manage to be with each album. It must be a hard challenge to keep yourself sounding fresh, not totally dated and to write songs that are uniquely AFI and yet, they seem to succeed every time. Check out my review here.

I’m off on holiday for a bit (lucky me!). But that doesn’t mean I REALLY get any time of. I just probably won’t be too easily reached is all it means. The rest of the team will keep it all going and keep bringing you the most awesome content around.

Thanks for reading and keeping it Soundscape!

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