Echotape – Wicked Way Review

echotape wicked wayWicked Way, which is the brand new album from Echotape, is a fun and light-hearted energetic album that could well serve as plenty of people’s soundtrack to their summer. It’s fresh, engaging and fun – and you certainly can’t complain at that!

Echotape clearly know what works for them because Wicked Way definitely showcases this band at the top of their game. Right from the opening track All My Days that sets the scene for the album well, all the way to triumphant closer Wicked Way, this album is an adventure that holds your interest throughout no matter what approach the band takes. Friend Like Me is a fast paced feel-good track chock-full of energy and momentum, and We’ve Been Dreaming is more of a slow burner that shows a gentler stripped-back side to the band.

There’s an absolutely wonderful feeling to Wicked Way, with plenty of passion and energy displayed from the band, and the emotion displayed from start to finish is absolutely fantastic. There’s plenty of big choruses tailor-made for singing along to which are so memorable they’ll surely be stuck in your head for days after listening, and if that’s not testament to good songwriting, then what is?


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