Eat Dirt – I Review

eat dirt iI is less than five minutes in duration but it’s a seriously hard-hitting piece. There’s so much energy and aggression packed into its short and punchy duration that the music almost feels like a punch in the face – in the best possible way.

The first song of the four, the self-titled track Eat Dirt is perhaps my favourite on the EP. It really leaves an impression you, with the passionately angry vocals contrasting tremendously with the awesome chanted lines of “eat dirt” and although it could perhaps be classed as an intro track due to its 32-second duration, it’s a full-fledged song in its own right and really helps to get the EP off to a powerful start as it cascades into second track Pigs.

Indeed, the flow on the EP as a whole is good, with each track progressing almost seamlessly into the next. I is like a continuous track with four distinct sections for the listener to take in, and what’s especially good is that if you don’t happen to like one track, it’s not long before Eat Dirt throw the next one in your face!

I isn’t necessarily the most complex or demanding of listens – but it doesn’t need to be. If you like your punk to be angry, in-your-face and brimming with energy, then look no further than Eat Dirt.


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