Eartheria – Awaken The Sun Review

Release date: February 2nd 2018

Awaken The Sun is a mini album from Finnish progressive death metallers Eartheria, following 2015’s Throes Of Time EP. Although the band may only have two releases under their belt with no full-length albums to speak of yet, Eartheria have displayed a great consistency with Awaken The Sun and they definitely have a lot of potential.

Whilst the release may not be the most unique bit of work out there, with nothing to truly set Eartheria apart from other death metal bands in the scene, nevertheless Awaken The Sun is a nicely solid mini album. The musicianship is good, the vocals have a great power to them, and everything slots in well together to craft a together and coherent listen.

From the opening track A Wake (In The Sun), right through to the closer Nihil, Eartheria pull no punches. Awaken The Sun has a good bit of might and power to it, and in particular the penultimate track Escapist is a magnificently energetic number that will definitely get your head banging – I can anticipate this is a track that goes down a storm in a live environment.

Awaken The Sun shows a lot of potential and whilst it doesn’t quite stand out from the crowd, it is still a very worthwhile listen and Eartheria is certainly a band you need to keep an eye on.


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