Eagles Of Death Metal – O2 Academy Bristol, 02/11/15

Tonight kicks off with opener Feverist, a cheekily charming group from London. They play with their hearts and in return the crowd give back the same level of love. They’re proving popular and give off a great fiery start to the evening packing in a ton of energy and passion. Definitely a band destined for bigger things. They feel fresh and they know it.

Next we have White Miles, a duo that are dirty, fast, and aggressive. Guitarist Medina’s voice is striking and their lively presence is unrelenting. She spends the set running back and for to drummer Lofi, you can see their devoting friendship shine through. They may be small but as we’ve seen lately with bands like Royal Blood/Deap Vally, duo’s can be loud and deadly. They plough through their industrious set like they have something to prove. Another great addition to tonights line up well chosen by the EODM guys.

Albeit a little later than expected Eagles Of Death Metal prance onstage singing along and smiling ear to ear. The stage has been full of characters tonight and Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes no doubt shines the brightest. He gives us a preaching like speech before dipping into the set. As an ordained minister and Republican Christian, it’s always surprising to hear his antics. He tells us he’s smoked a big one before set seemingly somewhat ecstatic.

It doesn’t take long for new single Complexity to crop up and Jesse ditches the guitar to dance around on stage. It’s hard to capture such groove from the maestro. They laugh with each other on stage showing rock ’n’ roll doesn’t have to be serious all the time, it can be fun, sexy and wild.

He tells us he’s wearing his best QOTSA underwear before being motivated into showing off the red pants to which he pleads for anyone not to youtube that ‘shit’ and show his mother, she’d kill him. But what’s funny is off mic you can hear him banter with the rest of the band saying she really would. It’d be interesting to see what mother Hughes would have to say about Jesse’s antics. He’s quick on the tongue and cheek and flirts with the adoring crowd.

The band banter with each other on stage whilst guitarist Dave Catching leads the way with solos and quips about a balls up on a song they’ve never played before whilst Jesse claims it was 90% there. It’s intriguing to see such friendship and intimacy on stage even when moments see Dave get called the best Santa Clause you’ll ever see.

Eagles Of Death Metal never fail to make a fun night of it. Every show has something different and the sexy rock ’n’ roll vibes never dry up. It’s a pleasure every time.


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