Dynfari – The Four Doors Of The Mind Review

dynfariDynfari’s new album, The Four Doors Of The Mind is an intriguing listen. Blending post-rock with a little bit of black metal for good measure, there’s elements of the album that are absolutely stunning but on the other hand there’s some parts that feel a little bit ‘off’.

The Four Doors Of The Mind is a very atmospheric and mystifying piece, and the more melodic aspects of Dynfari’s sound really give the music depth and emotion, with the heavier parts of the music juxtaposing well against it to create a varied listen as a result, and it means that the listener remains engaged with the album as the band progresses through the different tracks.

However, the spoken sections in the song sound a little forced and out of place. I understand that Dynfari is trying to tell a story over the duration of the eight tracks contained on the album but the spoken lines interrupt the flow somewhat and makes it feel a little jerky. It’s almost like they’ve been added with no real thought and its a shame because if done right, they could have added a lot of ambience to the music.

As a whole, it’s a good listen. There’s elements of it that can perhaps be improved on – but The Four Doors Of The Mind is still a worthwhile piece and definitely worth checking out.


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