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_DRUIDS CDBABYDruids are set to epitomize a new wave of British heavy metal. Fun and daring their first album from Suffolks likely lads contains more metal than an Aston Martin and they’re definitely just as glamorous.

Powered by the mighty sex drive, the eponymous debut sounds like a chorus of dead pop stars having a great time wherever they may be. Just from the opener it’s easy to hear some space oddity likeness as Druids channel the late and brilliant David Bowie on Mission. It’s a spiritual successor to Ziggy Stardust where Druids make a clear statement on where they’re taking us.

Heavy metal hasn’t sounded so saccharine since the 80’s and what Druids are doing is brave by the industry standards of marketing. Metal as we know it today could very well be changed by the inclusion of this album into its plethora of bands and albums. While many artists have tried to recapture the golden age of heavy metal none have emitted the magic that Van Halen or Kiss had. Druids are the keepers of knowledge and they impart a humble lesson in how to rock.

As sultry vocals work wonders on the clever and beguiling riffs, that are laden with funky hooks, Druids are pulling it off in style with guile. Far from being a parody of original heavy metal or another update plying to nostalgia their prevalent inspirations take in the fashion of their predecessors but their expression is wholly their own. Being their first album the familiar ground gives a good foundation to quickly become accustomed to the righteous riffing going on.

In part Bowie with hints of Sparks and even Prince, Druids are using the magic of music to channel some great influences into a new groovier passage of time. With a heavy lean on blues and funk their dirty cadences are a refreshing type of psychedelic. Druids is a sexy album with seriously sensual groves going on. The perfect balance between disco and mind altering substances.


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