Dream The Electric Sleep – Beneath The Dark Wide Sky Review

dream the electric sleep beneath the dark wide skyBeneath The Dark Wide Sky is the third album from alt-prog three piece Dream The Electric Sleep and it’s a great melodic piece that is filled with passion and emotion.

Purely melodically-driven albums can at times sound a little flat, but that certainly isn’t the case with Beneath The Dark Wide Sky, who have delivered a beautiful piece that will definitely stay with you after you’ve finished listening to it. It has both complex and simplistic sections, with the two different approaches working seamlessly with one another.

There’s plenty of great tracks to contend with on this album and an early highlight is third track Flight, which begins off with a gentle acoustic approach and as the song progresses, the band adds more elements to their sound, giving it more and more body and texture, all whilst accompanying it with some stunning vocals. Another fantastic inclusion is Culling The Herd, a faster-moving track with a little more complexity to it that features some absolutely massive vocals!

As a whole, there isn’t an awful lot that can be faulted with this album. It’s just a great listen and showcases Dream The Electric Sleep on top form. If you haven’t familiarised yourself with this band yet, what are you waiting for?


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