Dreamsphere – The Darkest Experience Review

dreamsphere the darkest experienceDreamsphere is the new outfit for Slovenian extreme symphonians Condemnatio Cristi and a rebranding of sorts with all the members intact.  They’ve taken on a different path and the first album from them titled The Darkest Experience brings with it some groove laden soundscaping complimented by anger and maudlin, while an impassioned polemic draws a powerful spell through their haunting cadences.

Adopting a fresh approach to song writing on The Darkest Experience, Dreamsphere have pulled their talents together for a mighty and piquant demonstration of skill where the ability to have captivating songs with uncomplicated riffs is wraught from experience, and technical tricks and comprehensive licks aren’t necessary to glam the overall presentation.  This easily surpasses the fret board asphyxiation that frequents the plume other more prestigious extreme and symphonic acts who use guitar wankery to move the audience.  The songs tend to be concise and elaborate on their respective themes without emphasizing every hook and harmony with some fingertip chicanery.

The Darkest Experience is attuned to what we do in the shadows.  However its veracity is plain to hear. Provoking candid feelings in nihilistic acrimony and delivering an engaging adventure in refrain. The open and uncluttered structures make for comfortable grounds to hear more and give more play than the original design, like colours for the imagination.


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