Dream On, Dreamer – Loveless Review

dream on dreamerDream On, Dreamers’ sophomore album Loveless shows off the bands musical creativity and skill.

The band’s first song on the album is called Loveless and opens with a slow but moving guitar riff. Harsh vocalist Marcel starts to scream and the drums come in also, it’s a rather unique combination as the riffs could easily be played on an acoustic guitar and it’s a fairly soft song so to have the harsh screams overlay the instrumental gives a very odd but intriguing listening experience. Clean vocalist Zachary shows off the power of his voice in the song and shows off the emotion and power within it and as the song comes to a close it picks up and nicely leads into the next one.

Hear Me Out, one of the more slower songs, is heavily clean vocal-driven and it gives Zachary a chance to show off his voice in the moving song. The lyrics are very dark and moving and the instrumental is fairly slow as a whole, even in the heavier aspects of the song and it shows off the bands musical variety.

One of the heavier songs on the album, Moving On, Moving Far opens with aggressive lyrics that are screamed mercilessly. There’s a little instrumental breakdown before leading into the drop of the verse which is excellently done and it’d easily make you jump or start a mosh pit by yourself. A well written song showing off every member of the band’s skill.

The album as a whole is fantastically written. The lyrics throughout the album are rather dark but could also be relatable if you find yourself in a dark place. Marcel’s screams are strong but he has a small range so the songs could get a little boring due to the predictability of his vocals, but Zachary on the other hand has a good range and the songs where he has large sections are the most moving ones. The guitars are heavily riff based and some of them sound like they are repeated throughout the album, and the drums and bass are fairly complex sounding but they are nothing jaw dropping. The band have skill but still need to fully hone their skills.


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