Drakonis – The Great Miasma Review

The release of one EP can be a defining moment in the career of a band and with the release of The Great Miasma, Drakonis third EP, Drakonis aren’t hoping to define success but redefine it. Following on from last years incredibly popular As They Rot EP the latest release adds a further three tracks of killer melo-death to the bands growing tracklist.

Outside of audio the delivery of the EP is an experiment in narration. As each track will have an accompanying video that’ll be released out of sync with the storied concept which will only become apparent on the release of all three. It’s an interesting plan that’s worth keeping an eye on even if only for the rocking tunes.

Telling tales of ritualistic sacrifice, possession and wrath towards an ancient God The Great Miasma offers up a fitting cornucopia of hard riffs and unrestrained rhythms that intensify with each successive track. Even with its meagre just under twenty-minute runtime this EP has a massive amount of energy behind it. Packing an explosive heat that’s exhilarating from start to end.

Under the influence of some grade A hermetic riffs and with its dirty production values, and unsettling presentation this EP is nothing short of cathartic; It’s a fitting conclusion to a story that features some good old and honest wrath.


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