Dopamine – Sonata Review

Dopamine – Sonata  


It’s been seven years since “Experiments with Truth” and it is obvious with new release “Sonata”, Dopamine can still write fantastic anthems for the disheartened.

There is not a duff tune amongst the 10 on offer from the Welsh quartet.

The opener “State of Emergency” kicks the record off with the swagger and passion that is reminiscent of past releases. “State of Emergency” has a driving melody which on first listen has got this reviewers toe tapping. The structure is solid, and the hook will stick with you for weeks to come.

“Admire me” continues in the same manner, whilst there is a shift with third track “This Message”. This standout track is chock full of lyrics expressing a range of melancholic emotions, sounding like “Clarity” era Jimmy Eat World.

“Numb” and “Hide behind your alibi” could become anthems for the disillusioned and heartbroken. Telling tales of failing friendships and relationships, both tracks tug at the heart strings.

“1984” is a fantastic pop rock tune with plenty of sing-along moments and is definitely one for the impending summer.

“We Don’t Care” is the stand out track and it is an example of what Dopamine does best, up tempo, catchy emotional rock.

The final track ‘Is this the end?” rounds out the album perfectly, with its gorgeous melody and tender vocal harmony.

Overall “Sonata” was worth the wait, and possible contender for underground album of the year.


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