Doomsday Outlaw – Suffer More Review

doomsday outlaw suffer moreJust over a year after their debut album Black River was released, Doomsday Outlaw are back with their second, Suffer More.

Obviously influenced by heavy blues and classic rock, the British five-piece deliver tracks brimming with dirty riffs in muddy guitar tones, rhythmic bass lines, and crisp clean drums that wouldn’t sound out of place amongst the legendary rock hits of the 70’s and 80’s.

The opening track Walk on Water is a heavy number with a strong groove, reminiscent of Audioslave. The bold melodies and powerful vocals from singer Phil, the tracks have an undeniable rawness.

Although slightly predictable in places, the pace and mood of the album is varied and interesting. There’s a clever contrast and a good mix of fast, heavy tracks to get your teeth stuck into and slower, melodic numbers with a Bon Jovi vibe. With Driftwood and Pandemonium both being under a minute in length, Doomsday Outlaw don’t shy away from exploring their song-writing abilities, allowing each musician a chance to show their skills at some point in the 15 track album.

The album is slightly let down by choruses that just don’t bite enough – they’re big and gritty but could be punchier – but still, the album would be a great addition to your roadtrip playlist.


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