Doomed From Day One – Nine Fingers Review

Doomed From Day One are back with their second EP Nine Fingers. Admittedly, it has taken a few listens to fully get into, but there are a great few gems nestled into it.

After a stunning introduction track, the band pulls no punches with opener Cut And Hunt. Frontman Sean has an extremely powerful and striking voice and there’s a lot of support behind his vocals which is really great to witness as there seems to be so many vocalists these days sounding like they’re completely ruining their vocal chords! The whole track doesn’t let up at all and is the perfect way to get things going.

At Graves End is a bit of a dip in the EP, however. The introduction is extremely catchy but then the instrumentation just merges together into one entity and this doesn’t work. Nothing ends up standing out as a result, which is unfortunately the same story with following track The Promise.

Dread thankfully picks things right up again though. With an incredibly short introduction before the vocals kick in, the listener barely has any time to take everything in! The vast amount of ideas and unexpected changes in the track, such as pauses and new riffs, really keeps you on your toes – it’s an interesting and bold approach to take, but it definitely works.

To summarise, Nine Fingers is a very ambitious release. Sure, it doesn’t quite hit the high notes but it is still a formidable offering. This band will surely go far.


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