Dodgem-X – Don’t Mention My Name On The Airwaves Review

Dodgem-X Don't Mention My Name On The AirwavesDodgem-X are back with their brand new EP, Don’t Mention My Name On The Airwaves. It’s a great and energetic piece from start to finish and leads on nicely from their previous effort, After The Horse Has Bolted.

The EP starts off fantastically with the title track, really grabbing your interest with a fast and to-the-point introduction consisting of a striking guitar riff that really pulls you in before the vocals get going. It’s no wonder that Dodgem-X chose this track to be the ‘representative’ of the album, so to speak, because it just seems to bring together everything that makes this band excellent.

Up next is To Be The Man, You Gotta Beat The Man and it almost feels like a direct continuation of the track prior to it because it has the same amount energy, power and momentum. It really sounds like Dodgem-X is giving it their absolute all and it really works fantastically as a result.

Closer X vs. The Machine is something a little different, showing that Dodgem-X aren’t afraid to go outside of the box and try something new. There’s an almost electronic vibe to it and it definitely takes more of a melodic approach, which is rewarding because it gives the EP more dimension rather than it consisting of exactly the same style from start to finish.

An all-round refreshing listen. If you haven’t checked out this band yet, then you’re missing out.


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