Divided We Fall – Dreamcrusher Review

Divided We Fall DreamcrusherDreamcrusher is the debut album from symphonic metallers Divided We Fall and it’s almost surprising that this is their first full-length release because it’s a well-established collection of songs that sound like the band has been a unit for decades rather than just a few years.

Divided We Fall take no prisoners by opening the album with the title track, which is one of their strongest tracks by far. Beginning fairly sparsely and simplistically, it sets the mood before the full band swiftly joins in and it’s at that moment that you get the feeling this is going to be a song that’s going to stay with you long after the closing chords ring out. The vocals are powerful, yet not overwhelming, and fit perfectly with the instrumentation, making for an all-round fantastic listen and setting things up well for what you can expect for the rest of the album.

Indeed, Dreamcrusher is certainly not short of earworms and particular highlights include Until I Win, which features arguably one of the best vocal performances of the entire album, and closer Departure, an all-round mellow and soft track that brings the album to a rather chilled and satisfying close.

If you’re looking for symphonic metal done well, then you can do no wrong with this album.


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