Dissvarth – Between The Light And The Moon Review

DISSVARTH - Between The Light And The MoonBetween The Light And The Moon is the stunning new atmospheric release from Dissvarth, and it’s an immersive piece that will draw you in and maintain your interest from start to finish.

The problem with more ambient/avant-garde pieces is that it can sometimes be a little hard to connect to them, but this is certainly not the case with Between The Light And The Moon. Although at times it may be sparse or minimalistic, this only serves to work in the album’s favour and the use of repetition is put to good effect, really working well at getting specific sections stuck in your head.

A particular highlight of the album is fifth track Halls Hidden In Eternal Fog, which features an absolutely stunning piano line before descending into a darker and more melancholic synthesised section with a slightly fuller and rounder sound to it, and as the track comes to its climax, more elements get added into the mix before it’s stripped back to the bones almost and ends in a very minimalistic fashion.

However as a whole, Between The Light And The Moon works much better as one long continuous listen, rather than a piece you can dip in and out of. The flow of it can’t be faulted, with each song leading masterfully into the next, and you may just find yourself unable to stop listening until the closing notes of the final song ring out.


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